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Thank you Marco


Thank you Marco

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I’ve been wanting to make a set of drawings called attack on puberty where I draw all the skingeki kids as the awkward, sweaty, acne-splattered, hormone dripping teens they are like

and many more idfk I just wanna draw this

posting it for future reference for myself

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Gonna try a prompt okay college AU Jean being grumpy in class bc he's bored and already knows all the stuff and he's just fussy like argh this is so mundane but then he gets a series of sweet texts from Marco like "just thinkin about you and wanted to let you know <3" and stuff like that and then Jean's just like baahhh my boyfriend is so great and then the teacher calls on him and he's all uhh what or something~



ALRIGHT ANON YOU ASKED FOR IT SO I’M GONNA GIVE YOU a big fluffy pile of JeanMarcos fresh out of the dryer

Things that I would rather be doing than sitting in this class, Jean scribbled at the top of his notebook.

1. eating glass
2. sniffing Connie’s cleats
3. riding a tandem bike with Eren Yay Yea Jae

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Modern AU where Marco is a famous actor in some really popular show that Jean watches every week its on and then in the newest episode Marco’s character DIES and Jean never quite gets over it

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what if i told you that much like books, movies, and music, all video games are art

what if i told you that whether or not it’s GOOD art is completely up to you but it’s not your fucking place to say a video game “isn’t art” so get outta my face with that nasty shit

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Au cas où je ne peux pas, s’il vous plaît donne ce lettre à Jean Kirstein. 

Cher Jean, 

Je t’aime. Je t’aimais; je t’aimerai toujours. 
J’adore tes yeux d’or, et ton demi-sourire. J’adore quand tu parles français, en pensant que je ne comprends pas. 
J’adore comme tu roules le «r» dans «Marco» quand tu m’appelles. J’adore quand tu cries mon nom. 
J’admire tes ailes. Je peux le voir dans tes yeux: malgré ton peur,  toi, tu vas transcender ces murs, et un jour, je veux voler avec toi.
Alors, pour moi, et pour tout le monde, ne perd pas ton espoir. 

Au revoir,
Marco Bodt

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can I just say

that I really love telling people that I have a Healing Arts class?

Because I really do.

It sounds like I’m studying some serious Harry Potter shit 

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Preeeeeetty sure that his character in Attack The Block is suited to your needs. =]

okay so I just watched a bunch of clips and basically as always, you were right

so that’s awesome

thank youuuu

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was cleaning a bit too today. Good those blogs were dead ones mostly. U n U /hug

*hug8 it’s so hard to unfollow people :( it feels like you’re personally attacking them, even when you really are just trying to clean up your dash or something qnq

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phew~ Okay, luckily I was following a lot of dead rp blogs, so that’s a relief. Went from following around 330 to 295.  Bit of an improvement there