Hello! I'm Mouse (she/her), and this is my super messy personal, fandom and art blog. I post a lot of SNK (mostly jeanmarco bc they are my life rn), Free!, TF2, Tattoos, games annnnd nsfw. ♥ (icon by mareig)  pretty flowers

I like shorts! They're comfortable and easy to wear!

unless you’re me and your fatty thighs get all sweaty and chafe so you are condemned to pants or tights and shorts ughghghg 

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AU where Mouse isn't awesome. (Oh wait no such AU exists because it's one of the laws of physics)

AU where Logan is the sweetest and cutest but wait omg that’s real life <33333

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"I wish I had cancer..." -Mouse 2013


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Hypothetical thing: You are given a curse and can only play one game for the rest of eternity. Which game do you play?

Probably minecraft, or another high agency game like that. Especially if it keep getting updates and content keeps being added.

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Uh... How do ask thing? :V

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ho w do answer thingg??

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Kirlia x Being cute! c: </pretendingtonotknowhowshipswork>

I had to look up that up but I assumed it was pokemon and I was right aw yeah points for me my pokemon game so weak

I ship it

Efficiency or effectiveness?

both, ideally B)

What food can you never get enough of? What food can you absolutely not stand a bite of?

I could eat spaghetti for the rest of my life, I’m p sure. Especially if the recipe is varied. Red sauce is just just uugghgh gimme gimme

as for food I really can’t stand, hhmmm… I’ll say oysters. I cannot STAND the texture and consistency ugh it’s like slurping a big huge booger I can’t

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Ze anon was me, if you’re wondering. c: I did anon because Mouse Hole could also be taken in a totally different direction if you think about it eheheh >u>;

I had a feeling it was you, aha

yeaaaah well hopefully no one will confuse it as me talking about my strange every friday bc I don’t really think anybody signed up for that when they followed me

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wow! I’m amazed and flattered!! Okay, I can do this thing~

congratulations anon, you started a tradition! Look out for texts posts from me on, hmm…let’s say Fridays, titled Mouse Hole~

I guess I’ll just talk about life stuff, but I could also use it as a sort of “if anyone’s got any questions feel free to ask” kind of thing. Sound good?

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